Trauma-Informed Yoga and Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®



TRE® is a series of gentle exercises created by Dr. David Berceli that remind the body of its natural ability to release stored stress, tension and trauma.  Just as humans have a natural stress response, we also have a built-in mechanism for releasing stress.  TRE® evokes this mechanism within the body and nervous system and allows us to release stored stress and tension in a safe way.  TRE® can be combined with trauma-informed yoga to get the benefits of both in one practice.

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Benefits of TRE


Improved sleep, decreased aches and pains, more energy, reduced fatigue


Improved focus and concentration, improved clarity


Reduced anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, panic and overwhelm


Improved relationships, better work performance, increased sense of overall wellbeing

Accessibility and Inclusion 
I am committed to providing access to body-based healing services for all regardless of income.  If finances are a barrier please let me know.  I offer a sliding scale for those who qualify.
Free Consultation

I offer a free, 30-minute phone consultation for new clients.  We will discuss your goals and find out if TRE or TRE/Trauma Informed Yoga Hybrid services can benefit you.  Please call (608)301-7906 or email to schedule.

New Client Sessions- TRE or Trauma Informed Yoga/TRE Hybrid

New client sessions are 90 minutes in length and include: a review of your goals for TRE, education on the background and development of TRE, nervous system education, learning the exercises and any modifications, and discussing a personalized home practice so you can continue to utilize TRE outside of sessions.

$150 Online (via video chat platform)

Existing Client Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions are generally 50 minutes in length, though longer sessions are available upon request.  These sessions include continued education, assessment, support and guidance for your evolving TRE practice.  Although TRE is a self-help tool, there can be great benefit from continued work with a Certified TRE Provider.

$100 Online (via video chat platform)

TRE and Trauma Informed Yoga/TRE Hybrid Sessions for Groups and Organizations

Learning TRE with others in a group setting has many benefits.  Please inquire for more information and pricing and see upcoming workshops listed both below and on the Resources and Events page.