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What is The Mindbody Syndrome (TMS)?

TMS (The Mindbody Syndrome) creates pain and chronic symptoms in the body as a result of mind-body processes.  Other names for this condition include Neural Pathway Pain,  Psychophysiologic Disorder (PPD), Mindbody Syndrome (MBS), and Central Sensitization.  Regardless of what it's called, our minds and bodies are part of the same system and as such, they influence one another.  Contrary to what we have been led to believe by the western medical and alternative medicine models, pain and other chronic symptoms that show up in the body can actually be caused and exacerbated by processes in the brain and nervous system.  This does NOT mean that it's "all in your head" or that you are imagining your symptoms.  Your symptoms are very real!  The brain creates all sensation and it does this out of our conscious awareness and without our permission.  While it's impossible to control everything the brain does, it is possible to influence the brain to stop sending pain signals where they aren't necessary.  

Chronic Pain Recovery addresses every aspect of recovery, including:

*Understanding the science and research behind TMS and how this applies to each individual situation  

*Investigating and identifying the root causes of the creation and continuation of symptoms in order to extinguish them

*Releasing stored stress and trauma from the nervous system 

*Learning how to feel and identify emotions in the body and mind

*Skills for minimizing fear and resistance to symptoms, and increasing positive feelings in the body

*Help for those who may have been trying to recover on their own and have had some success, but have hit a plateau   

*Resources, tools and practices that apply to each individual’s unique situation

*Building compassion for self and learning how to treat oneself better

*Reintroducing movement/exercise and getting back to normal life activities

*Handling relapse and relapse prevention





Despite what you may have been told, you CAN recover from chronic pain and symptoms!

Chronic Pain Recovery sessions integrate my unique training and experience as a TMS survivor, Certified Yoga Teacher, Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Provider, Somatic Experiencing Provider in training, and years of providing supportive services for people with trauma, mental health concerns and substance use disorders.   

Each session includes email follow up.  The majority of the work you will do happens in between sessions.  You will be applying the concepts, skills and tools from our time together in your daily life.  This is where the real healing happens!  Follow up from sessions is an integral part of my recovery model.  After each session, you will receive a detailed email reviewing what we covered and instructions for how to apply it before we meet again.  Those who benefit the most from coaching are doing work daily between sessions and keeping in contact with me.  I welcome and encourage my clients to ask questions, give updates on how they are doing, give me feedback, and ask for more or different resources, skills and tools. 

Recovery coaching sessions take place via online video chat platform (Skype, Zoom, etc). 


I offer a free, 30-minute phone consultation for prospective new clients.  The purpose is to find out if you feel comfortable with my approach and style.  Please call (608)301-7906 or email to schedule.

I am committed to providing access to services for all regardless of income.  I fully understand that many who suffer from chronic pain and symptoms may struggle financially due to inability to work, disability, etc.  If finances are a barrier please let me know.  I offer a sliding scale to those who qualify.

50 Minute Session (with e-mail follow up) $100

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